Friday, June 30, 2006

Sonja's Pocket Eats Guide

Here tis. Way too much time spent on this labor of love, lemme tell ya. At long last, here is a two page pocket guide of the best and most lauded cheap eats in the City, organized by borough and neighborhood. It's got a handy tri-fold so it'll fit into your back pocket, ready to get grease-stained and worn. Click on each page to enlarge & print it (remember to print or photocopy it double-sided).

Reviews and an interactive map for each borough:
The interactive map is searchable by restaurant name or your location, and includes many great places that don't fit on my two-page pocket guide.
The Bronx: reviews :: map
Manhattan: reviews :: map
Brooklyn: reviews :: map
Queens: reviews :: map
Staten Island: reviews :: map
Jersey: reviews :: map

Two Page Pocket Eats Guide:
I'm working on getting this higher quality (anyone know how to upload pdfs or docs to blogger?). Until then, if you want a better copy, email me at

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Diana Cage said...

When are you taking me out to dinner? Seems like I won the optometrist bet.