Friday, June 09, 2006

Places to Eat - Brooklyn

Eating in the Borough of Kings. Also check my Pocket Eats Guide, a handy two page round-up of cheap eats in the five boroughs, with interactive maps and restaurant reviews for the Bronx, Queens, Manhattan, Staten Island and Jersey.

*Defonte's Sandwich Shop (Village Voice, NY Metro, NYology) - 379 Columbia @ Commerce/ Luquer. Hero shop.
The Hook (Village Voice, TONY) - 18 Commerce btwn Columbia & Richards. Music club.
O Pioneer Bar-B-Q (TONY, GO Brooklyn) - 318 Van Brunt at Pioneer. BBQ.
Bait & Tackle (TONY) - 320 Van Brunt at Pioneer. Bar.
Sixpoint Craft Ales (GO Brooklyn) - 40 Van Dyke St at Dwight. Brewery.
El Huipil (NY Metro, TwentyBucksADay, TONY) - 116A Sullivan btwn Conover/Van Brunt. Mexican - Guerrero.
Baked (NY Metro, TONY) - 359 Van Brunt at Wolcott. Retro bakery.
The Good Fork (NY Times, NY Metro, A Hamburger Today) - 391 Van Brunt btwn Coffey & Van Dyke. New American.
LeNell’s (TONY) - 416 Van Brunt btwn Coffey & Van Dyke Sts. Bourbon central liquor store.
Steve’s Authentic Key Lime Pie (Hungry Cabbie, Gothamist, OTBKB) - 204Van Dyke at Pier 41. Pie, duh.
Liberty Heights Tap Room (Citysearch) - 34 Van Dyke at Dwight. Bar.
Red Hook Park (TONY, 423smith) - 155 Bay btwn Clinton / Henry Sts. Pan-Latin street food.

Oasis (Village Voice) - 161 North 7th @ Bedford. Palestinian.
Kasia's (Village Voice, ChefMoz) - 146 Bedford @ N9th. Polish.
Matamoros -193 Bedford btwn N7th & N6th. Mexican grocery store/deli.
Marlow & Sons (NY Times, NY Metro)- Broadway @ Berry St. Oyster bar.
W-Nassau Meat Market (Porkchop Express, NY Times) - 915 Manhattan Ave / Greenpoint/ Kent. Polish kabanosy, kielbasa.
Lomzynianka (NY Times, NYC Nosh) - 646 Manhattan Ave btwn Nassau & Norman Aves. Polish.

*El Paisa (Village Voice) - 324 Suydam @ Irving (off Wyckoff/Willoughby). Mexican.
Circo's Pastry Stop - 312 Knickerbocker @ Hart. Sicilian bakery.
Euro Café (Hungry Cabbie) - Cypress Ave btwn Stanhope & Himrod. Hand-piped cannolis.
Catania Bakery - 487 Harman @ Cypress. Italian bakery.
Calibella Panaderia - 164 Wyckoff @ Stanhope. Columbian bakery.
Café Espresso - 201 Wyckoff @ Harman. Eastern European café.
Quito Luz De America - 221 Wyckoff @ Bleeker. Ecuadoran.
Alice's Palace (Village Voice) - 3148 Fulton. Guyanese.

African Village Café (Village Voice) - 724 Myrtle btwn Bedford/Nostrand. Nigerian.
Down South Café (Village Voice, A Full Belly) - 349 Lewis Ave @ Ray Blvd. Coastal Carolina café.
Royal Rib House (EatingforBrooklyn, Village Voice) - 303 Halsey St @ Thropp. Real Carolina-style barbeque.
Royal Bakery & Roti House (Village Voice) - 618 Nostrand @ Dean. Get the aloo pie & goat roti.
Carolina Creek (Village Voice) - 87 Utica @ Dean. Carolina Low Country.
Culpepper’s (Hungry Cabbie) - 1082 Nostrand Ave @ Lincoln Road. Barbados.

A & A Bake & Doubles (Village Voice) - 481 Nostrand @ Macon. Trinidadian breakfast and lunch spot.
Kaloum Star - 732 Classon btwn Prospect/Park. Guinean.
Fatima (Village Voice) - 789 Franklin btwn Lincoln/St. John’s - Prospect Heights. Guinean.
Cock's Bajan Rest. & Bakery (Village Voice) - 806 Nostrand @ St. Johns. Bajan (Barbados).
Tripee's (A Full Belly, Village Voice) - 887 Nostrand btwn Carroll/Crowne. Guyanese.
Hammond's Bakery & Jerk Center (Village Voice) - 1033 Nostrand @ Sterling. Jamaican jerk.
Rudy Pokes Tasty Dishes (Village Voice) - 248 Rochester Ave @ St. Johns. St. Vincent’s snack bar.
Ruthie's (Village Voice) - 96 Dekalb Ave. Fried chicken.
Mitchell's (Village Voice) - 617A Vanderbilt Ave. Fried chicken.
Les' (Village Voice) - 268 Tompkins Ave. Fried chicken.
The Islands (GO Brooklyn) - 803 Washington Ave. @ Lincoln Place. Jamaican.
El Gran Castillo de Jagua (Hungry Cabbie) - 345 Flatbush Ave @ Park Place. Cuban.

Jerk City (NY Times) - 3402 Church Ave @ 34th St. Caribbean.
Nio's Trinidad Roti Shop (Village Voice) - 2702 Church Ave @ Rogers Ave. Trinidad.
Chez Macoule (Village Voice) - 1115 Rogers Ave @ Clarendon. Haitian bistro.
Restaurant & Sweets (NY Times on Coney Island Ave) - Coney Island Ave btwn Cortelyou & Slocum Pl. Pakistani.
Famous Pita - 935 Coney Island Ave @ Ditmas. Falafel & salads.
*Bahar Shishkebab House (Village Voice) - 984 Coney Island @ Newkirk. Afghani - pumpkin turnovers, scallion dumplings.

De Guerreros Taqueria (Village Voice, TwentyBucksADay) - 719 5th Ave. Mexican - Guerrero.
El Tesoro Ecuatoriano (TONY) - 4015 5th Ave @ 40th. Lowland Ecuadoran.
Usuluteco (Village Voice) - 4017 5th Ave @ 40th. Salvadoran.
Rico's Tamales Oaxaqueños - 5th Ave & 46th St, SE corner. Mexican - Oaxaqua.
Las Conchitas (NY Times) - 4811 5th Ave & 48th. Mexican bakery.
Ricos Tacos (Village Voice) - 505 51st St @ 5th Ave. Mexican snacks, tacos arabes.
Los Compadres (Village Voice) - 5807 5th Ave @ 58th. Cemitas, milanesa.
Ocean Palace (A Brooklyn Life) - 5423 8th Ave @ 54th. Chinese.
Top One (Village Voice) - 5805 8th Ave @ 58th. Cantonese duck shop.
*Ba Xuyên (Village Voice, NY Food, Porkchop Express) - 4222 Eighth Ave @ 42nd St. Vietnamese snack shop.
Siwa Grill (Village Voice) - 6917 5th Ave @ Bay Ridge Ave. Egyptian.
Nick's Lunch Inn (Village Voice) - 7204 5th Ave @ 72nd. Hibernian.
Alsalam Rest & Meat Market (Village Voice) - 7206 5th Ave @ 72nd. Lebanese.
Damascus Gate (Village Voice, NY Food,Twenty Bucks a Day) - 7224 5th Ave @ 72nd. Syrian.
La Maison du Couscous (NY Metro, Village Voice) - 484 77th St. btwn 4/5th. Moroccan.
Magic David Pizza (Village Voice) - 6305 Ft Hamilton Pkwy. Pizza.

Karam Restaurant (Village Voice) - 8519 4th Ave, btwn 85 & 86 St, Bay Ridge. Lebanese - lahambajin.
Rocco's Calamari (Village Voice) - 6408 Fort Hamilton Pkwy, 64th St. Sicilian.
World Tong (Village Voice, A Year in Food) - 6202 18th Ave @ 62nd St (Gravesend Pk), New Utrecht. Dim sum.
Bay Ridge Café (Village Voice) - 1550 Bay Ridge Avenue, New Utrecht. Lamb, Turkish.
Pho Nam Bo (Village Voice) - 7524 18th Ave, Bay Ridge Parkway, Bensonhurst. Vietnamese.
Lioni Latticini (GO Brooklyn) - 7803 15th Ave. @ 78th St. Italian heros.
Mondial Bakery (Road Food) - 7802 20th Ave @ 79th St. Italian cookies.
Bakery Baku (NY Food) - 19-72 86th St @ 20th Ave, Bath Beach. Azerbaijani bakery.
*L&B's Spumoni Gardens (Road Food, SliceNY, Village Voice, NY Food) - 2725 86th St @ W.11th Ave, Gravesend. Pizza & italian ice.
Extra Bar Caffe No. 2 - 125 Avenue U. Espresso.
Joe's of Avenue U (Menu, Village Voice) - 287 Avenue U. Focacceria.
Clemente's (Village Voice) - 138 Ave T, Gravesend. Hot roast beef or roast pork sandwich.
El Cerrito (Village Voice) - 2024 McDonald Ave. Salvadoran.
Mansoura (NY Times) - 515 Kings Hwy btwn E. 2nd & 3rd St, Midwood. Sephardic kosher bakery, basturma pastrami.
Mabat (A Full Belly, Village Voice) - 1807 E 7th St, Quentin/Ave R. Israeli.
*Dushanbe (Village Voice) - 1915 Coney Island Ave btwn Aves P & O. Tajikistan. (possibly closed)
Memo (Village Voice, TwentyBucksaDay) - 1821 Kings Hwy, E18th. Uzbek (SW China).
S&Z Cafe Caspiy - 1824 Ave U nr E19 St. Caucasian - cutaby, giurza, beef stroganoff, chicken tabaka.

A & S Homestyle Catering (Village Voice) - 1711 Neptune Ave @ W17. Russian.
*Totonno Pizzeria Napolitano (Road Food, Slice, Tasting Menu) - 1524 Neptune Ave btwn W15 & W16. Pizza.
Ruby's Bar and Grill (GO Brooklyn) - Boardwalk at Stillwell Ave. Locals bar.

Gambrinus - 3100 Ocean Parkway @ Brighton Beach Ave. Russian, fish.
Best Cafe Pearl - 303 Brighton Beach Ave @ Brighton 3rd St, Brighton Beach. Georgian w/ katchapuri, lamb dumplings, pork kebabs, eggplant & walnut.
Gina's Café (TONY,, menu) - 409 Brighton Beach Ave @ Brighton 4th. Russian.
Chio Pio (Village Voice) - 3087 Brighton Beach Ave @ Brighton 7th St. Tashkent.
Cafe Glechik (Village Voice, NY Times) - 3159 Coney Island Ave @ Brighton Beach Ave. Russian-Ukrainian.
La Brioche Expresso - 1073 Brighton Beach Ave btwn Brighton 12 & 13th.
Kashkar (TwentyBucksaDay, Village Voice) - 1141 Brighton Beach Ave @ 14th St. Uighur.
Lundy’s (Road Food) - 1901 Emmons Ave.@ E15th. Chowder.
Garden Bay Café (TONY) - 1788 Sheepshead Bay Rd @ Emmons Ave. Armenian.
Randazzo's Clam Bar (GO Brooklyn, Hungry Cabbie) - 2017 Emmons Ave @ E. 21st St. Somewhat expensive but classic clam bar.
Clemente's Maryland Crabhouse (GO Brooklyn) - (@ Vince Marina), 3939 Emmons Ave @ Knapp St. Crab.
Jordan's Lobster Dock - Knapp St @ Harkness Ave.

Keur N' Deye - 737 Fulton St @ S. Portland. Senegalese.
abistro (GO Brooklyn) - 154 Carlton Ave at Myrtle Ave. French-African.
Justin's Island Cuisine (Village Voice) 144 Lawrence St. Guyanese roti.
Queen (GO Brooklyn) - 84 Court St. @ Livingston St. Old school Italian.
Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory (GO Brooklyn) - Fulton Ferry Landing, Old Fulton St @ East River. Handmade ice cream.
Grimaldi's (GO Brooklyn) - 19 Old Fulton St. at Front St. Pizza.
Bedoin Tent (Village Voice, Twenty Bucks a Day) - 405 Atlantic Ave. Middle Eastern.
Fast & Fresh Deli (NY Times) - 84 Hoyt St near Atlantic. Mexican deli.
La Rosa and Sons (GO Brooklyn) - 98 Smith @ Pacific St. Italian deli.
Ferdinando’s Focacceria (Village Voice) - 151 Union St. Sandwich shop.
Esposito & Son Pork Store (NY Times) - 357 Court St, Carroll Gardens. Esposito hero - sweet Italian sausage sandwich with broccoli rabe and fresh ricotta.
Honduras Maya (Village Voice) - 587 5th Ave/Prospect Ave & 16th St. Honduran, crab soup
Eva's Restaurant
- 551 4th Ave btwn 15 & 16 St, Park Slope. Ecuadorian - shrimp, Quaker drink.
El Encuentro - 535 6th Ave @ 14th St.
Landi’s (Road Food) - 5909 Ave N @ E.59th, Bergen Beach. Pork store.


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what the fuck do the asterisks mean?

Anonymous said...

Mmmm yes, a common question, although one that is usually posed more couthly. The asterisks mean 'most recommended.'

Anonymous said...

What happened to the Heights, Slope, Gardens, the Hills?

Lucalli, Grocery, Korhogo, Zaytoons, Cubana Cafe, just to name a few?