Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Excellent Regrets

The Amazing Regrets Index. A cultural snapshot.

17% regret pushing it real good. Ben comments "I regret only having pushed it real good instead of to the limit."
29% regret when they were eight and made their younger brother be their personal slave.
33% regret remenbering joy when they're feeling grief.
34% regret doing the right thing.

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35% regret breaking it down.
39% regret telling her they had a big crush on her.
42% regret being trendy.
43% regret voting for Ralph Nader.
43% regret spending the night there.
53% regret wasting money on Ebay.
56% regret sleeping with their friend knowing that it would mean they won't be friends anymore.
57% regret denying the Holocaust.
61% regret paying for sex.
64% regret that no one you could meet could replace who you've lost.

67% regret buying coffee at starbucks instead of that independent coffeehouse right down the street.
67% regret sitting next to that scummy guy on the bus.
68% regret living in the United States of America.
69% regret not telling them you loved them.
70% regret sleeping with someone who is in love with you but you kind of hate.
70% regret wanting very much to be in love, but not knowing what exactly that means.
74% regret voting Republican.
75% regret that the first penis they saw was their dad's as he walked out of the shower.
75% regret thinking that no means yes.
79% regret confusing lust with love.
82% regret not making the first move.
83% regret hating themselves.
83% regret wanting to be a cool older sibling, but always reverting to anger and criticisms and patronizing tones when you are with your younger sibling.
85% regret clicking to win a free ipod.
87% regret taking it out on the wrong person.
88% regret confusing love with pity.
88% regret calling their teacher "mommy".
89% regret love not conquering all, as it turns out.
92% regret poor spelling while in an argument.
92% regret stirrup pants.
93% regret not recognizing apparently sarcastic statements until too late.
100% regret that the price of apathy towards public affairs is to be ruled by evil men.

* Bear in mind that the percentages change as people vote. The Amazing Regrets Index is by Ryan North.


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That's awesome. Deliciously regretful.

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