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Places I Want to Eat - The Bronx

Here's what always happens to me -- I'm out on my bike, exploring the far reaches of a neighborhood I've never been to. And I get hungry. And I don't want to eat in some random shitty place. Now, I'm as down with Chowhound as the next guy, and I can scope out a diamond in the rough with the best of them. But still. Sometimes you just want to know what the kick-ass places are.

Robert Sietsema at The Village Voice has put out an annual 100 best cheap eats for the past five years that I am raising high as my new guiding light. I've mashed it up with pointers from Chowhound and Famous Fat Dave, a cabbie with irrepressible curiosity.

So, here's the first of several quick & dirty cheat sheets of places that I want to try, organized by borough and neighborhood. I've kept the information to a minimum - just name, address, and a few word description of the type of food. The addresses run roughly from south to north. Click on the map to go directly to a larger interactive map.

Places to Eat in Da Bronx
South Bronx
Fratelli Pizza Cafe (Hungry Cabbie) - 402 Hunt’s Point Ave @ E Bay Ave. Get the broccoli rabe hero.
Real Azteca - E. 163rd off Southern Blvd. Mexican.
The Schlitz - E. 137th St @ Willow Ave. classic German bar & restaurant (wurst and boiled beef with horseradish).
Brook Luncheonette - 504 E. 138th St @ Brook Ave. Mexican lunch counter.
Bruckner Bar & Grill - 1 Bruckner Blvd @ 3rd Ave.
La Espiga 4 - Southern Blvd @ E 149th. Mexican.
Venice Restaurant - 772 E 149th St @ Wales Ave. Italian.
La Orquidea - 500 E 149th St @ Brook Ave. Honduran.
Joey's Hero Shop & Catering - 554 Morris Ave @ 149th St. Italian hero shop.
In God We Trust (Village Voice) - 441 E. 153rd St btwn Elton/Melrose. Ghanaian.
El Valle (Hungry Cabbie, NY Press) - 155th St & Melrose. Dominican.
Havana Sandwich Queen - 888B Grand Concourse @ E 161st St. Cuban.
El Molino Rojo II - 101 E 161st St @ Gerard. Puerto Rican cuchifritos.
Feeding Tree - E. 162nd & Gerard. Jamaican.
Concourse Jamaican Bakery (Village Voice)- 252 E 167th St @ Grand Concourse. Get the carrot cake.
Jimmy's Luncheonette (Village Voice) - 392 East 169th St @ Clay. Tube steak.
God's Time Is the Best (Village Voice 04) - 1363 Webster between 169th & 170th. Ghanaian.
African American Restaurant Maryway - 218 E 170th St. Senegalese.

Off Cross Bronx Expy
B.B. African & American Restaurant (Village Voice, NY Times) - 1715 Webster @ 174th. Sierra Leone.
Bebe Fish Market (Village Voice)- 1924 Webster Ave @ 178th. "Perubian.”
Gran Bohio (Village Voice 03) - 791 E Tremont Ave @ Prospect. Puerto Rican.
Ebe Ye Yie (TONY) - 2364 Jerome Ave btwn North & 184 St. Ghanaian.

Arthur Ave
Gurra Café - 2325 Arthur Ave. Albanian.
Calabria Pork Store (Village Voice, Gastropoda on Arthur Ave, Sicilian Culture)
- 2338 Arthur Ave @ 186th Street. Italian soppressata & dry sausage.
Giovanni's - 2343 Arthur Ave. Brick oven pizzeria.
Café al Mercato - 2344 Arthur Ave. Arthur Ave Italian.
Mike's Deli (Hungry Cabbie, Egullet's Jason Perlow, Gastropoda on Arthur Ave, Bridge & Tunnel Club) - Arthur Avenue Retail Market, 2344 Arthur Ave @ 186th St. Italian soppressata & dry sausage.
Madonia Brothers Bakery - 2348 Arthur Ave @ 186th.
Roberto's - E 186th @ Belmont Ave. Old school Italian.
Butchie's - 2480 Hughes Ave. Arthur Ave Italian.
Tony & Tina's Pizza (Village Voice, Chowhound) - 2483 Arthur Ave @ E189th. Albanian bureks.

Kingsbridge / Riverdale
The Piper's Kilt - Albany Crescent @ W 231st St. Tiny neighborhood pub - burgers and fries.
Malecón - 5592 Broadway off W 231st St. Cuban.
El Economico - 5589 Broadway off W 231st St. Dominican lunch counter.
Tibbett Diner - 3033 Tibbett Ave. Eclectic diner.
Liebman’s Deli - 552 W 235th St @ Johnson Ave. Old school Jewish deli.

Irish Bakery (menu) - E 238th St @ Katonah Ave.
Rambling House - 4290 Katonah Ave. Irish.
More Irish pubs in the Bronx via

Vernon's New Jerk House - 987 E 233rd St @ Gunther Ave. Jerk.
Gerri's (NY Times) - 3974 White Plains Road @ E 225th St. Soursop ice cream.
Motherland Cuisine - 3926 White Plains Rd @ E. 223rd St. Ghanaian, soul food.
Aziza - 3716 White Plains Rd @ 217th St. Nigerian.
The Jerk Center - 1296 E Gun Hill Rd @ Wilson Ave (216th). Jerk.
Feroza's Restaurant Roti - 716 Burke Ave @ White Plains Rd. Roti.

Between Pelham Pkwy, Bronx River Pkwy, Cross Bronx Expy, Bruckner Expy
Rawal Ravail Restaurant (Village Voice) - 641 Lydig Ave @ White Plains Rd. Pakistani.
Burektorja Dukagjini - 758 Lydig Ave @ Holland Ave. Albanian bureks.
The Flash Inn - Cruger Ave off White Plains Ave & Bronxdale Ave. Old school Italian.
Patricia's - 1080 Morris Park Ave @ Lurting Ave, off Williamsbridge Rd. Italian.
Coals - 1888 Eastchester Rd off Morris Park Ave. Pizza.
Uncle Sal's Ribs and Bibs - 1770 E Tremont Ave @ Van Buren St. BBQ.
Sabrosura - 1200 Castle Hill Ave @ Gleason Ave. Dominican-Chinese.
Louie & Ernie's (SliceNY, Hungry Cabbie, Village Voice, photos from Bridge & Tunnel Club) - 1300 Crosby Ave., Pelham Bay. Pizza.

City Island
Artie’s Steak and Seafood (Hungry Cabbie) - 394 City Island Ave. Clam shack.
Lobster Box - 34 City Island Ave.
Johnny's Reef (Village Voice, Road Food, Bridge & Tunnel Club) - 2 City Island Ave at end. Fried-fish cafeteria.

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