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Places to Eat - Manhattan

See yesterday's post for an explanation of my obsessive categorization of places I want to eat.

El Mundo Fried Chicken (Village Voice) - 4456 Broadway, btwn 187/Fairview. Dominican.
Devin's Fish & Chips (Village Voice) - 747 St. Nicholas Ave btwn 147 & 148. Soul food.
El Rincon Boricua (NY Times, Village Voice)- 158 E 119th St @ Lex. Puerto Rican.
San Francisco De Asis (TwentyBucksADay) - 1779 Lex @ 110th. Mexican.
Charles' Southern Style Kitchen (NY Times) - 2839–2841 Frederick Douglass Blvd (Eighth Ave) btwn 151st and 152nd. Soul food.
Roti Plus (Village Voice) - 2345 8th Ave @ 126th. Trinidadian.
House of Seafood (Village Voice) - 2349 Frederick Douglass Blvd @ 126th. Fish sandwiches.
La Marmite (Village Voice) - 2264 8th Ave @ 122nd. Senegalese.
Africa (Essence, Village Voice) - 346 W 53rd St., between 8th & 9th Ave, 247 W 116th St., btwn Frederick Douglass Blvd & St. Nicholas. Senegalese.
Florence's Restaurant (Village Voice) - 2099 Frederick Douglass Blvd @ 113th. Ghanaian & Ivorian.
Le Baobab (TONY) - 120 W 116th St btwn Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Blvd (Seventh Ave) and Malcolm X Blvd (Lenox Ave). Senegalese.
African Grill (Village Voice) - 1496 5th Ave @ 120th. Ivory Coast.
Sandy's Lechoneria (NY Times) - 2261 2nd Ave @ 116th Street, East Harlem. Roast pork sandwiches.
Taco Taco (NY Times, NY Metro) - 1726 2nd Ave between 88/89th. Mexico City-style food.
Pampa (NY Times) - 768 Amsterdam between 97th and 98th. Argentine grill.

Tulcingo Del Valle Grocery (Village Voice) - 665 10th Ave @ 47th. Oaxacan.
Chez Gnagna Koty's
(NY Times) - 530 9th Ave @ 39th. Senegalese.
Grand Sichuan Int'l Midtown (NY Food, NY Times, GIT) - 745 9th Ave btwn 50th & 51st. Sichuan.
Churrascaria Plataforma (NY Metro, NY Times) - 316 W 49th St at Eighth Ave. Brazilian.
Tony “the Dragon” Dragonas
(Street Vendor Finalist) - 62nd & Madison. Street cart chicken.
The Best Halal streetcart (Street Vendor Finalist) 53rd St & 6th Ave. Halal street cart.
Hallo Berlin streetcart (Street Vendor Finalist) 54th St & 5th Ave. Sausage from street cart.
Margon (Village Voice, Hungry Cabbie) - 136 W 46th St betwn 6/7th. Cuban lunch counter.
Taam Tov (Village Voice) - 41 W 47th St, 4th fl between 5/6th Ave. Uzbek, kosher menu. (The Morning News on the 47th St. diamond business)
Sukhadia (Village Voice) - 17 W 45th St betwn 5/6th. Gujarati.
Katsuhama (Citysearch) - 11 E 47th St btwn 5/Madison. Japanese fried-food.
Pampano Taqueria (Village Voice) - 805 3rd Ave btwn 49/50th. Mexican.
OMS/B (Village Voice) - 156 E 45th St btwn Lex/3rd. Japanese rice balls.
Aq Café (Village Voice) - Scandinavia House, 58 Park Ave btwn 37/38. Swedish.
Han Bat (TONY) - 53 W 35th St btwn 5/6th. Korean.
Woorijip (TONY) - 12 W 32nd St btwn 5/6th Aves. Seoul food joint.
Carl's Steaks (Village Voice) - 507 3rd Ave @ 34th St. Cheese steak.
Shipa Kasturi Pavilion (TONY) - 83 Lexington btwn 26/ 27. Bangladeshi.
Milanes Spanish Restaurant - 168 W 25th St @ 7th, Chelsea. Roast chicken sandwich.
Moishe's Falafel (Pushcart NYC) - 46th Street at 6th Avenue, SE corner. Falafel, soups.
Ennju (Village Voice) - 20 E 17th St btwn 5th/Broadway. Japanese.

Bar Carrera (NY Metro) - 175 2nd Ave btwn 11/12. Get the chorizo bocadillo.
(Village Voice) - 236 E 9th St btwn 2/3rd. Osaka-style street-food stand.
Chikalicious - 203 E. 10th @ Ave A. Dessert bar.
Momofuku (Village Voice) - 163 1st Ave @ 10th. Noodle shop.
Rai Rai Ken (TwentyADay) - 214 E 10th St btwn 1st & 2nd Ave. Noodle shop.
Korean Temple Cuisine (Village Voice) - 81 St. Marks Place btwn 1st & 2nd Ave. Korean.
Caracas Arepa Bar (TONY) - 91 E 7th St @ 1st Ave. Columbian.
26 Seats (Savory New York) - 168 Ave B btwn 10th & 11th. French.
Tab Tos (TONY) - 543 E 5th St btwn Aves A & B. Good cheap sushi.
Minca (Village Voice) - 536 E 5th St btwn Ave A & B. Noodle shop.
Nicky's Vietnamese Sandwiches (Village Voice) - 150 E 2nd St @ Ave A. Vietnamese.
Casa Adela (NY Times, NY Mag) - 66 Ave C, btwn 4th & 5th. Puerto Rican luncheonette w/ mondongo, pernil, batidos.
Ony (Village Voice, NY Metro) - 357 Sixth Ave @ W.4th. Noodle shop.
Novo (NY Times) - 290 Hudson @ Spring. Aguas frescas.
Mooncake Foods (Village Voice) - 28 Watts St @ 6th Ave/Sullivan. East-West fusion.
Room 4 Dessert (NY Times, Gothamist, eGullet, New Yorker) - 17 Cleveland Pl btwn Kenmare & Spring. Dessert-only tasting menu.
Mehanata - Bulgarian Bar (TONY)- 416 Broadway at Canal. Bulgarian.
Pakistani Tea House (TONY, NY Times) - 176 Church at Canal. Pakistani.
Lower East Side Food Tour - Kossar’s Bialys (367 Grand); the Donut Plant (379 Grand), Gus’s Pickles (87 Orchard), Dumpling House (118 Eldridge btwn Broome & Grand), Yonah Schimmel’s Knishery (137 E Houston), Il Laboratorio del Gelato (95 Orchard).
Congee Village (NY Times) - 100 Allen @ Delancey. Cantonese.

Bánh Mì Saigon Bakery (Porkchop Express) - 138-01 Mott Street. Bánh Mì.
Mott btwn Hester & Grand (NY Times) - One-block shopping mall with greengrocers, meat & fish shops.
Congee (NY Times) - 98 Bowery @ Grand. Top-notch Cantonese.
Joe's Ginger (NY Times) - 113 Mott @ Hester. Hong Kong meets Shanghai.
Sáu Voi Corp (
Porkchop Express) -101-105 Lafeyette St., #3 @ Walker. Banh Mi.
Big Eat (NY Times) - 97 Bowery @ Hester. Good traditional Cantonese with some new-wave fusion dishes.
Fay Da Bakery (NY Times) - 83 Mott @ Canal. Modern bakery.
Big Wong (NY Times, Flavor&Fortune) - 67 Mott @ Canal. Roast pork king.
(Village Voice) - 79 Mulberry btwn Canal & Bayard. Fried rice, fried clams, roast duck.
Nha Hang Pho Viet Huong (NY Times, Flavor&Fortune, TONY) - 73 Mulberry @ Bayard. Salty lemonade, sweet avocado shakes.
Mei Lai Wah Coffee House (NY Times) - 64 Bayard @ Bowery. A taste of very old Chinatown; go before 11 a.m. for great pork buns and other pastries.
Chinatown Ice Cream Factory (ChefMoz, NY Times, Downtown Express)- 65 Bayard btwn Mott & Elizabeth. Homemade Chinese ice cream flavors.
Danny Ng (Village Voice) - 34 Pell St @ Mott/Bayard. Cantonese.
Excellent Pork Chop House (TONY) - 3 Doyers St off Bowery at Chatham Sq. Taiwanese street fare & soul food.
Golden Unicorn (NY Times) - 18 East Broadway @ Catherine. Dim sum, especially sesame buns.
New Bai Wei Gourmet Food Inc (Village Voice) - 51 Division St between Catherine & Market. Fujianese.
Overseas Asian Restaurant (Village Voice) - 49 Canal St @ Orchard. Chinese.

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