Monday, June 26, 2006

I Love Brooklyn Mondays

It's still raining on and off, but I have to tell you, I love Brooklyn. Accordingly, the first of an occasional series of odes to Brooklyn.

As I walked into work this morning, one of the security guards commented on the rain this past weekend: "ahright ahready, I could build a freakin' ark (he said 'ahk') heah!" Gotta love that Brooklyn accent.

We've got the whole world here. Chico Leo over at Sunset Parker writes today about the amazing diversity of Latin American life in Sunset Park, and the waves of ethnic groups that have settled in the neighborhood. I visited a different world this weekend - the orthodox in Borough Park - and will have a photo essay up in the next day or so chronicling my trip. No passport required.

From today's Dear Diary notes in this morning's New York Times, Faith Jones writes "A recent commute on the D train gave me the opportunity once more to appreciate the myriad expressions of religious devotion our city offers. Looking up from my reading, I noticed the five people seated on the L-cluster across from me. A man sat reading a Koran. Beside him, two Orthodox women, apparently a mother and daughter, mouthed their morning prayers from matching Jewish prayer books. In the corner, a woman perused a book of Christian affirmations. And beside her sat a large fellow deeply engrossed in The 12-Volt Bible for Boats."

Not that New York is all sunshine and roses. This week, the NYPD arrested thirteen men for flashing and groping women on the subway. The New York Times quoted a 23 year old studio photographer as saying "Every girl I know has at least one story."

mlik reports that Fairway installed a bike rack. Look at that - sometimes corporations listen to the community. Now if only Ratner would follow in Fairway's footsteps.

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