Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Report Back from the Sputnik Show

Shots from Sputnik Show
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Big Art Show #5 at Sputnik in Fort Greene went really well on Saturday.

My brother and I got there at about 2 pm to set up. The folks running the show were super friendly and hooked me up with all the gear I forgot. Uh, nails. Thanks.

Sputnik has a great Soviet kitsch vibe, with pretty big spaces upstairs and down. They had art set up in several rooms and in the bar - everything from art school anime to 3D paintings to political collage. The bands definitely livened everything up too. My favorite was the lead singer chick who kept announcing 'ladies, I'm single!'

I showed a series that I've been working on called Red Hook Marshland. People were interested to hear what was going on in Red Hook, and I got into some thoughtful conversations about photographing graffiti.

Thanks to all my buds who trucked all the way out there on the G train! I appreciate the support a lot.

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Anonymous said...

You're so big time. I'll keep a red carpet at the ready...