Monday, June 19, 2006

Nat'l Entertainment State

Today The Nation released a map charting the National Entertainment State in 2006, noting that the media landscape has changed significantly in the last ten years, as the rise of new media and calls for reform have chipped away at the power held by the four big corporate giants: Westinghouse (now CBS), General Electric, Disney, and Time Warner. Now, the big four have been joined by Viacom and an assortment of smaller media corporations which, taken together, more than hold their ground.

Compare the 2006 state of entertainment to the entertainment landscape in 1996, as shown in a chart* entitled The National Entertainment State, which appeared in the June 3, 1996 issue of The Nation, accompanying Mark Crispin Miller's article Free the Media.

*Does anyone have this chart? I can't find it, so as a substitute I've linked to a summary of it.

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