Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Brooklyn News Round-Up: Mafia, Corruption, Bikes

Lawyers for 'Mafia Cop' found not incompetent, signals Brooklyn federal judge. Lawyer declares himself "to be "a 'trial man,' a lawyer who did not 'play footsie' with his clients or stoop to holding hands." [NY Times]

Greenpoint Terminal Market owner Joshua Guttman arraigned June 26th in Brooklyn Criminal Court; D.A. threatens $2.8 mil fine. Guttman cited back in January 2005 for the state of crumbling waterfront piers; stands to profit tremendously from redevelopment of site. [Brooklyn Eagle]
● Greenpoint fire erupted shortly after a $420 million deal to sell the property to a reputed slumlord fell apart. Investigators note that at least four suspicious fires had been set at the Guttman's properties in the past 15 years. [NY Daily News]
● Leszek Kuczera, man accused starting fire at Greenpoint Terminal Market, indicted June 22nd on charges of burglary, arson and reckless endangerment. [Brooklyn Eagle]
● "No way he set the fire," says Kuczera's boss. [Gothamist]
● Kuczera was working upstate, fixing up old campground to turn into a Polish resort, boss says. [NY Daily News]

Brooklyn filmmaker killed biking to work on Houston Street yesterday. [NY Times]
● 56 year old doctor biking on Hudson River Park bike path Sunday was hit and killed by a Police Department tow truck. [Gothamist]
● Transportation Alternatives calls on the City to ensure that all street construction is performed in a lawful manner [Trans Alt]
● Want the streets to be safer for bicyclists? Take the Department of City Planning's Bicycle User Survey 2006.

Boy George gets off. [NY Times]

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