Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Longest Day of the Year

Tag Graph: Sunsets by time, originally uploaded by jbum.

The summer solstice always seems to come too early. Doesn't it seem like it should still be aways off? Winter can't be just around the corner, can it? And yet, all the days get shorter from here on out. Ok, I'm going to try not to get too depressed about this. Anyway, the summer solstice clearly kicks winter solstice's ass, so better June than December.

And in case you were thinking "hey, Shield, how 'bout you prove that today's the longest day of the year," I direct you to Jbum over on flickr, who's done some great things with graphs and mosaic techniques. In the above photo, he's graphed photos taken over a year period with the tag 'sunset.' He explains:

Their horizontal positions represent the day of the year the photo was taken. January is on the left, December is on the right. The vertical bars are the boundaries between months.

The vertical position represents the time of day the photo was taken, according to the EXIF data. The horizontal lines are hours, with the thick line in the middle representing 12 noon.

The deepest "dip" in the wave formed by the images is the Summer Solstice.

Rad. The sun sets at 8:30 tonight -- enjoy. By the way, has anyone noticed how much I like graphs?

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