Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Brooklyn Cyclones Opening Day

Look out your window. This afternoon, Brooklyn Cyclones fans are carrying a 30 inch baseball 24 miles from Brooklyn City Hall to KeySpan Park for tonight's opening game against the Staten Island Yankees.

What they're calling the "longest first pitch in history" was supposed to be started off by Marty Markowitz, but he's been in the hospital for three days having a stent installed to o
pen up clogged coronary arteries, and may still be recovering at Maimonides. The Cyclones say that a motorcade of police vans, Secret Service personnel, an antique fire truck, and a 1959 convertible will then take the game ball throughout Brooklyn to KeySpan Park in time for the 7:00 PM game. Once at Coney Island, the ball will ride the Cyclone roller coaster and Deno’s Wonder Wheel, and then will be brought into the stadium to start the game. Now that's a great kick-off for the season.

Click here for a PDF of the map route.

[Update: report back from the game courtesy of The Brooklyn Record]

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