Friday, June 09, 2006

Photos from Whole Foods Site

Here are some pictures from where the Whole Foods will be built on 3rd Street between 3rd Avenue and the Gowanus Canal. For more, see my previous post or my map of the environmental problems along this street.

Red Hook Crushers, at 186 3rd St. This building was the main center of industry on the street. Alpine Wrecking Corporation, Anchor Demolition Corp, Santilli Land Development, Seaboard Metal & Salvage Corp and Red Hook Crushers were all located at 186 3rd St.

186 3rd Street is zoned M2-1 and is used as commercial land. The size of the lot is 25,925 square feet, or .5952 acres. There is one building on it which was built in 1931. It was sold for $300,000 in 1984 as a package with 176 3rd Street, which is the half acre of land between Red Hook Crushers and the canal. At its last tax assessment, in 2004, the land was valued at $272,430, with an improvement value of $75,780, for a total value of $351,00.

Sign on the front door of Red Hook Crushers, forbidding the dumping of waste. That's right people, don't add any more. They've got enough to deal with.

Need I say more?

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