Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Places to Eat - Queens

Philoxenia (Village Voice) - 26-18 23rd Ave between 26th & 27th St. Greek. Possibly still closed.
*Koliba (Chowhound) - 31-11 23rd Ave. Czech-expat bar w/food.

Zlata Praha (Village Voice, Chowhound) - 28-48 31st St between Newtown & 30th Aves. Touristy Czech.
*Cevabdzinica Sarajevo (TwentyADay)- 37-18 34th Ave @ 38th St. Bosnian
Papa's Empanadas (Village Voice) - 25-51 Steinway St. between 25th & 28th Ave. Columbian.

Sabry's (Village Voice) - 24-25 Steinway St. Alexandrian seafood emporium.
Zenon (Chowhound) - 34-10 31 Ave, between 34 and 35 streets. Cypriot.
Istrian Sport Club (Newsday, Chowhound, TONY) - 28-09 Astoria Blvd between 28th and 29th Sts, Astoria. Italian & Eastern European comfort f
Eastern Nights (Village Voice) - 35-25 Steinway St. between 35th & 36th Ave. Egyptian.
Kabab Café (Village Voice) - 25-12 Steinway St between 25th & 28th Ave. Kabobs.
Stamatis (Village Voice) - 31-14 Broadway @ Steinway St. Greek.
*Muncan (Chowhound) - 43-09 Broadway @ 43rd St. Albanian.

Crispino's Famous Italian Ices (NY Daily News)- 203-20 35th Ave @ 203rd St. Italian.
Bohemian Hall & Beer Garden (Village Voice, New Yorker, Chowhound) - 29-19 24th Ave @ 29th St. Czech beer garden.
Hidalgo Mexican Food Products (NY Times) - 30-11 29th St @ 30th Ave, Astoria. Mexican grocery
Cafe Kolonaki (NY Times) - 33-02 Broadway @ 33rd St, Astoria. Frappés.
General Astoria recommendations: see this Chowhound thread

Padaria Pao Nosso (Village Voice) - 37-03 31st Ave @ 37 St. Brazilian bakery.
Five Star Punjabi (Hungry Cabbie) - 315 43rd Ave btween 21st St & 13th St. Punjabi, Sikh cabbie haunt.
Tournesol (Village Voice) - 50-12 Vernon Blvd @ 50th Ave. New American.

Easy Street Lounge & Bar (NY Metro) - 36-18 Greenpoint Ave. Dive bar, cavernous ex-auto-repair shop.
Manducatis (NY Times, NY Bits, James Beard, NY Metro, RealEats) - 13-27 Jackson Ave between 47th Ave & 47th Rd. Classic Italian.

El Sitio De Astoria (NY Times) - 35-55 31st St between 35th & 36th Aves, Long Island City. Batidos.

Ko Hang Soft Tofu (Village Voice) - 137-40 Northern Boulevard between College Pt & Parson Blvd. Tofu parlor.
Sichuan Dynasty (Village Voice, NY Mag, TONY)- 135-32 40th Rd between Main & Prince Sts. Sichuan.
Spicy & Tasty (Village Voice) - 37-09 Prince St between College Pt & Main St. Sichuan. Closed?
*Sentosa (Village Voice) - 39-07 Prince St @ 39th. "The city's premier Malaysian," says Sietsema.
Happy Family (Village Voice) - 36-35 Main St @ Northern Boulevard. Northern Chinese.
El Vincentino (Village Voice) - 43-37 162nd St between 43rd & 45th Ave. Salvadoran.
Everbest (Village Voice) - 41-01 Kissena Blvd between Roosevelt & 41st Ave, Flushing. South Chinese
and Malaysian.
Dumpling Stall (Village Voice) - 40-52 Main St between Roosevelt & 41st Ave. Dumplings.
Afghan Kabab Palace (Village Voice) - 75-07 Parsons Blvd @ 75 Ave. Afghan.

Malagueta (Village Voice) - 25-35 36th Ave @ 28th St. Brazilian.
San Hai Jin Mi (Hungry Cabbie) - 36-24 Union St. Korean bbq, bulgogi.

Pollos a La Brasa Mario (Village Voice) - 81-01 Roosevelt Ave @ 81 St.; 86-13 Roosevelt Ave.; 83-02 37th Ave. Colombian rotisseries.
Himalayan Yak (Village Voice) - 72-20 Roosevelt Ave between 72th & Broadway. Tibetan.

Tawa Deli (Village Voice) - 37-38 72nd St. Just Indian breads - paratha.
Karihan Ni Tata Bino (Village Voice) - 71-34 Roosevelt between 72nd St & Broadway. Filipino.
*Arunee Thai (Village Voice) - 37-68 79th St between 37th & Roosevelt. Thai.
El Chivito D'oro (TONY, OpenList) - 84-02 37 Ave @ 84 St. Uruguayan parrillada.
Zabb (Village Voice) - 71-28 Roosevelt Ave between 72nd & Broadway. Isaan Thai.

Indian Taj (Village Voice) - 37-25 74th St. All-you-can-eat buffet.
*La Portena (Village Voice, NY Metro) - 74-25 37th Ave between 74th & 75th St. Argentine grill.
*The Arepa Lady (New Yorker, Cheapo New York, Chowhound) - NW corner, Roosevelt Ave & 79th St. Columbian.

Los Chuzos y Algo Más (NY Times) - 79-01 Roosevelt Ave, Jackson Heights. Batidos.
Ranger Texas Barbeque (TONY) - 71-04 35th Ave btwn 71st and 72nd Sts, Jackson Heights. Barbeque.

*Sripraphai (Village Voice)- 64-13 39th Ave. Thai.
Ihawan (Village Voice) - 40-06 70th St @ Roosevelt Ave. Filipino barbecue joint.
Izalco (Village Voice) - 64-05 Roosevelt Ave @ 64th St & 39th Ave. Salvadoran.
Mi Bolivia (Village Voice) - 44-10 48th Ave between 44th & 45th St. Bolivian.

Minangasli (Village Voice) - 86-10 Whitney Ave @ Broadway. Indonesian.
Mie Jakarta (Village Voice) - 86-20 Whitney Ave. Indonesian.
Mum Mam 1 Thai Cuisine (Chowhound) - 77-05 Woodside Ave @ 77th St. Thai.
Upi Jaya (Village Voice) - 76-04 Woodside Ave @ 76th St. Sumatran Indonesian.
Samwongahk (Village Voice) - 82-53 Broadway @ Elmhurst. Korean-Chinese café.
Warteg Fortuna (Village Voice) - 51-24 Roosevelt Ave between 43rd Ave & Queens Blvd. Working-class Indonesian.
*La Fusta (Village Voice) - 82-32 Baxter Ave, near Elmhurst hospital. Argentine grill.
Laura's Bakery (NY Times) - 90-18 Corona Ave, Elmhurst. Avena, champu.
Mazorca (Village Voice) - 83-17 Northern Boulevard, East Elmhurst. Columbian snacks.

Mangal (Village Voice) - 46-20 Queens Blvd & 47 St. Turkish lunch counter.
Romanian Garden (NYFood, TONY) - 46-04 Skillman Ave between 46th & 47th St. Romanian.

REGO PARK (The New York Times on Rego Park's Bukharian community)
*Cheburechnaya (Village Voice, Bridge & Tunnel Club) - 92-09 63rd Dr @ Austin, Rego Park. Uzbek kebab.
Shalom Restaurant (Village Voice, Bridge & Tunnel Club) 64-47 108th St between 64th Rd & 65th Ave, Rego Park. Central Asian Jewish - Bukharan.
Ben's Best (NY Times) - 96-40 Queens Blvd @ 63rd Drive, Rego Park. Incredible pastrami.
Cafe Arzu (Chowhound) - Queens Blvd near 67th Ave. Central Asian.

Salut (Village Voice, NY Mag, NY Metro, the Sterns, Jewish Forward) - 63-42 108th St between 63 Rd & 63 Dr, Forest Hills. Kosher Uzbeki.
Mickey's Place (Village Voice, Chowhound) - 101-16 Queens Blvd @ 67 Rd, Forest Hills. Neighborhood Japanese.
Eddie's (NY Times) - 105-29 Metropolitan Ave @ 72nd Ave, Forest Hills. Old-fashioned ice cream parlor.
*Uzbekistan Tandoori Bread (Bukharian Jews, Village Voice) - 120-35 83rd Ave @ Lefferts Blvd, Kew Gardens. Uzbekistani.
Jahn's (NY Times) - 117-03 Hillside Ave, Richmond Hill. Ice cream parlor.
Singh's Roti Shop #3 (Village Voice) - 118-06 Liberty Ave @ Lefferts, Richmond Hill. Guyanese and Trinidadian.

Corona Heights Pork Store (NY Times) - 107-04 Corona Ave, Corona Heights, Queens. Hot heros.
Leo's Latticini (NY Times) - 46-02 104th St, Corona, Queens. Hot heros, homemade mozzarella.
*Lemon Ice King of Corona (, photo)- 52-02 108th St., Corona, Queens. Italian ices.
La Vega (NY Times) - 103-07 Roosevelt Ave, Corona, Queens. Mexican grocery / restaurant.

Pique y Pase (Village Voice) - 110-04 Lefferts Ave @ 109th Ave, Fresh Meadows, Queens. Ecuadoran.
Sol Bawoo (Village Voice) - 41-10 149th Place, Murray Hill, 41 Ave/Barclay, Fresh Meadows, Queens. Korean BBQ.
Indian Oasis (Village Voice) - 184-22 Horace Harding Expressway, Fresh Meadows, Queens, nr Kissena. Chinese/Indian.
La Xelaju (Queens Press, Chowhound)- 87-52 168 St near Hillside Avenue, Jamaica, Queens. Guatemalan.
Book Kyung Won (Village Voice) - 253-22 Northern Boulevard, Little Neck, Queens. Korean.
Fiza Diner (Village Voice) - 259-07 Hillside Avenue, Floral Park. Tandoori.
Taste of Portugal (NY Times, Chowhound) - 1075 Portion Rd, Farmingville. Portuguese.
Divers Cove (NY Metro) - 29-01 Francis Lewis Blvd, Bayside. Bona fide neighborhood tavern.


Bandini said...

How can you possibly list places in Flushing and not include Joe's Shanghai?

Anonymous said...

Malagueta is in Astoria/LIC, not Flushing...

Anonymous said...

In Glendale/Forest Hills -

Shiro of Japan (Sushi and Teppanyaki/Hibachi)
Pasticcio (Italian)
California Pizza Kitchen
Manor Oktoberfest

All at The Shops at Atlas Park
8000 Cooper Avenue, Glendale
Just across Woodhaven from Forest Hills