Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Heat Round-Up: It's not the heat, it's...

All together now, say it... it's the humidity.

The Morning News reports that New York is currently panting, just to see if it works. I tried it - it doesn't.

The heat index is supposed to go up to 102 today, but will hopefully break with the thunderstorms tonight. Tomorrow should only be up around 85. Yesterday's high of 98 degrees broke the 1997 record by one degree.

Service is currently out on the 1, 2, and 3 trains, but the A train is back in service after having broken down in the Rockaways yesterday. At least riders were near the beach. The City has opened cooling centers in senior centers and other communities centers. City pools will be kept open until 8pm to help you beat the heat.

Pics: today's weather courtesy of NY1; average temperature & humidity graphs from City-data.com. City-data goes off-line frequently to update its stats, so if you don't see the graphic, check back later.

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