Friday, July 28, 2006

Cambodian Food in NYC?

New York has almost every type of food under the sun. Cambodian, however, is one type that is sorely lacking. And with the demise of Cambodian Cuisine in Fort Greene, New York may have lost its only Cambodian restaurant.

I had heard rumblings on Chowhound of a small Cambodian neighborhood in the Bronx, but everyone's search for restaurants seemd to come to nought. The map at right is my attempt to map the centers of Bronx Cambodian life - mostly temples and community centers. My guess is that if there are any restaurants to be found, they'll be on Fordham Road between Sedgwick and the Grand Concourse, perhaps centered around the 4 or D subway stops. It may be that this is a community that is still too small, and still picking up the pieces after a devastating war, to be interested in opening restaurants. But, if there's one to be found, this is where I think it'll be.

If anyone has any leads, or wants to go on a culinary exploration, let me know. Brooklyn Ramblings is always up for an adventure. I'm going to be up in the neighborhood a lot more in September, so I'll definitely do some nosing around then and will report back if I find anything.


Anonymous said...

hmm, sounds interesting. i've been up there but haven't noticed anything. shoot me an email, i might be interested in coming along. / babar ganesh (

Anonymous said...

Please post if you find anything! I have been searching for Cambodian food in NYC for months. Cambodian Cuisine is reopening later in the year, according to someone I talked to on the phone, but I would really like to find some other options before then.

Anonymous said...

According to the New York Times, Cambodian street food is hitting the Lower East Side at some stage in October:

In the 1970’s and ’80’s, Cambodia was known as Kampuchea. Ratha Chau, a native of that country, who was wine director and manager of Fleur de Sel, will feature street food from Southeast Asia at this Lower East Side spot. (October) 78-84 Rivington Street (Allen Street)."

I'm currently covering Cambodian food in Cambodia (and doing a maps mashup) at, and would love to hear how Kampuchea Noodle Bar works out.

Anonymous said...

Phil, thanks for the lead about the place on the Lower East Side. I'm looking forward to checking it out.

NY Metro also covered its expected October opening, saying "Former Fleur de Sel general manager Ratha Chau sheds the fancy French trapping for Southeast Asian street food, including regional specialties from Vietnam, Thailand, and his native Cambodia."

Anonymous said...

I spoke to someone at Kampuchea Noodle Bar a couple of weeks ago. They expect to open in November. I can hardly wait.

Anonymous said...

Kampuchea Noodle Bar will be officially opening the week of November 27th.