Thursday, August 10, 2006

Letter to DOT Bicycle Program Director

I sent this letter today to Josh Benson, the new director of the NYC Dept of Transportation's Bicycle Program. It's about the city employees who use the bike lane on Adams St in Brooklyn as an all-day parking spot. Sorry about the quality of the thumbnail - click the photo to read it more easily.
Letter to NYC Dept of Transportation
Some background: Benson became the DOT's Bicycle Program director a few weeks ago, after predecessor Andrew Vesselinovitch resigned in protest against what he saw as the DOT's recalcitrance in implementing policies that would make city biking safer. "The city certainly hasn't done everything that it can do to make it safer, or to really use bicycles," the Sun quotes Vesselinovitch as saying.

According to Streets Blog, Benson is himself an urban cyclist who served as the DOT Bike Program's Deputy Director in the early 2000's and more recently worked for the NYC Housing Authority.

For more, see: Resident, the Daily News on DOT's Commissioner Iris Weinshall, NY Sun on Vesselinovitch's resignation, comments from Streets Blog about the need for improvements to bike lanes in New York.

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