Thursday, August 03, 2006

Brooklyn News Roundup: Transportation, Biking, Red Hook

Transportation News
Mayor Gets Bumper to Bumper Criticism From Borough: Brooklyn neighborhood associations criticize mayor for focusing on maximizing traffic flow instead of calming traffic. [Courier-Life Publications]
Every Group Hates Traffic: “Brooklyn’s gotta grow. But it’s gotta grow smart.” [The Brooklyn Papers]
Mayor Bloomberg Says NYC Traffic Congestion is Good: “We like traffic, it means economic activity, it means people coming here.” [StreetsBlog]

Biking News
NYPD Sets Up Checkpoint to Ticket Cyclists on Central Park Bike Path [Bike Blog]
Brooklyn Bike Riders Forum Tracks Brooklyn Bridge Dragnet [BBR Forum]
Straight From the Horse's Mouth: “A loyal bike blog reader ran into a scooter cop on the Manhattan bridge and stopped to chat with him. He said he was from the 84th precinct in Brooklyn and that there was going to be a detail of cops on all the bridges from now on.” [Bay Ridge Talk]
New Blog Opposes NYPD’s Proposed Parade Rule [Assemble For Rights via Gowanus Lounge]
Bicycle Tsar Quits, Saying Goal To Increase Safety, Lanes Is Stymied: “The city certainly hasn't done everything that it can do to make it safer, or to really use bicycles. . . Right now there are a lot of obstacles that the city can improve and in recent years has even created.” [NY Sun]
City Bike Boss Rips Brass and Pedals Off: “Former Bicycle Program Director Andrew Vesselinovitch blamed the DOT for installing dangerous bumps on the Williamsburg Bridge bike path and for failing to build more bike lanes.” [NY Daily News]

Red Hook News
Advocates Refuse to Give Up On Red Hook Graving Dock: “Ikea could choose to be a hero—if it preserves the graving dock.” [Courier-Life Publications]

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Hi Sonja,

Thanks for linking to the assemble for rights nyc site in this post. Is there any way we could persuade you to put the badge on your site, like in the right menu somewhere to help raise awareness until August 23rd!??

Thanks so much either way, and keep writing about this issue over the next two weeks.