Sunday, September 24, 2006

Tacks Off the Beaten Track

In recent weeks, many cyclists have reported flat tires from tacks laid down on the West Side Greenway. The problem appears to center around Riverbank State Park, which is between 137th and 145th Streets, but reports of so-called 'tack attacks' range as far south as 68th Street and as far north as the George Washington Bridge at 181st Street. Transportation Alternatives estimates that as many as 200 cyclists have gotten flats from tacks in this area. There have also been reports of tacks around the downhill on River Road and the nearby Sewage Treatment Plant, as well as in New Jersey's Palisades Park.

What's being done? The Parks Department has requested increased patrols and sweeping of the West Side bike path, and has reported the problem to the Manhattan Parks Commissioner's Office.

Because this is considered 'criminal mischief,' it's appropriate to call 911 if you see or (worse) ride over tacks. You can also call 311. In addition, you should call the appropriate local police precinct. Courtesy of Noah at Transportation Alternatives, here's a list of the west side precincts:

20 Precinct - W.59th to W.86th St: 212 580 6411
24 Precinct - W.86th St to W.110th St: 212 678 1811
26 Precinct - W.110th St to W.135th: 212 678 1311
30 Precinct - W.135th to W.155th: 212 690 8811
33 Precinct - W.155th to W.181st: 212 927 3200
34 Precinct - W.181st to Harlem River: 212 927 9711

The Bicycle Saboteur of Riverbank State Park (NY Mag)
Video report (CBS)

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