Monday, September 25, 2006

NYC Subway Map Mash-Up

I just discovered a great NYC map mash-up -- OnNYTurf has overlaid an accurate and hand-drawn map of the NYC subway lines onto Google maps, making it way way way easier to find the closest subway station to wherever you're headed. It even includes the PATH train. (Jersey, don't say NYC never gave you any love.) This site is nuts. They're getting ready to add station outlines so that riders will know where station entrances and exits are.

This is going to be really useful when I'm out trying to get to one of the places in my pocket eats guide (which, for the uninitiated, compiles the best of Chowhound and other food blogs into an interactive map with reviews, for the five boroughs plus Jersey).

1 comment:

Julie said...

shiny! the best part are the hilarious captions that appear off the edges of the map :)