Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Finding Diamonds on the Floor

Evan over at Two Dishes But to One Table is a New York City high school teacher, which brings him into contact with the unexpected, strange and delightful on a daily basis. This week he found notes for entering the underground switching yards of a subway junction on the J, M, Z line of the MTA discarded on the floor of the biology lab (click image to see it larger). The writer is clearly well on his way to star membership in the vast community of train-obsessed New Yorkers.

Which reminds me that over at To-Do List, Sasha Cagen has reams and reams of lists that strangers have found lying on the street, sidewalk, or grocery floor. Or, as Sasha describes: wish lists, work lists, honeymoon ideas, cliches to avoid, boys/girls you have kissed, vocab lists, shit lists... Call it the anonymous poetry of the street.

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