Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Cars in Bike Lanes Handy Hand-Out

As a follow up to my previous post proposing that people take pictures of cars in bike lanes, here's a flyer I made that you can print and hand out. Click through for a sheet of six. PS- post your pics here.


Anonymous said...

Nice. Now I can stop steaming and do something about it. Thanks.

MLKofcycling said...

The City could and should start an information campaign, "If you must double-park, stay in the car lane."

It's not to get back at motorists, because parking in the bike lane messes with them too. It's just about keeping the cyclists safe, while not doing any further harm to traffic flow.

alex said...

The sticker is awesome. I have been meaning to do something like this for a while. The one improvement I suggest would be to include the NYC Traffic code that prohibits cars from stopping/standing/parking in bicycle lanes
4-08 (e) - Stopping, standing and parking prohibited in specified places
9. Parking, standing or stopping vehicles within, or otherwise obstructing, bike lanes is prohibited.

I am sure other streets are pretty bad, but riding home on CPW each day trying to avoid horse shit and piss, while dodging taxis all in the bike lane forces me into traffic quite often. I guess I should be grateful that a bike lane exists at all! Thank heavens that the city painted a white line in the road to keep me safe. Truly, I can feel their concern for my safety.

Anonymous said...

The language is taken directly from NYC Traffic & Vehicle Code 4-08(e), but maybe I'll update the flyer so that it includes the direct cite to the law - good idea dromeas.

Anonymous said...

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