Friday, November 10, 2006

Borat Gets Sued

I just saw the Borat movie and kept thinking that this movie is sure to get the pants sued off Sasha Baren Cohen. Well, here's the first volley.

Two frats boys from a university in South Carolina have now come to regret their racist musings on how great it would be to still have slaves, and are suing Borat for, among other things, fraud and portraying them in a false light.

According to the lawsuit, Borat got them liquored up first, and told them the movie wouldn't be shown in the United States. That's a big part of why they're angry - they never thought other Americans would see what they have to say, and now their frat brothers are sitting in the theater laughing at them.

Read their lawsuit, courtesy of


Anonymous said...

who cares if he gets sued....

he made us he's paying for it LOL

Poor guy

Anonymous said...

who gets sued? BORAT? or the actor who portrayed him? hehehe

Anonymous said...

you dumb asses!!!


Obviously, its the CHARACTER

Anonymous said...

Thats the Stupidest thing ever.
The Frat boys are retarded! }They shouldnt have agreed. i doubt he liquoredd them up they were drinking as it aired. and why did they pick him up?