Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Benefit Gig to Fight East Vill Mass Eviction

A Columbia University dean has bought a fifteen unit, rent-stabilized building in the East Village and is trying to evict everyone. Why? So they can turn the building into a mansion for their daughter.

The tenants at 47 East 3rd Street managed to get a New York trial court to grant a permanent injunction, so that the new owners, Kathryn and Peter Yatrakis, will have to get approval from the State Division of Housing and Community Renewal in order to refuse to renew the tenants' leases. Rather than seek approval from DHCR, the Yatrakis are appealing the court's decision.

The 47E3rd residents have spent over $170,000 towards legal fees so far. They're throwing a benefit for their legal defense fund this Friday at Tonic. PennyRimbaud, Louise Elliott and Japanther are playing, and there's going to be a screening of Yes Sir, I Will by 80s punk band Crass. They're also raffling off two signed Crass litho prints. [flyer]

Admission $10 @ Tonic, 107 Norfolk Street
Read more on the 47E3rd website.


Anonymous said...

If you made a lot of money and bought an apartment building, wouldn't you want to live in it? There's a million apartments in the city and those tenants are grown up individuals. It's no one's fault they aren't educated or talented enough to earn an income and support themselves. If they have special needs, and truly do, then the City has ways to help them out. But if they're lazy people, then move somewhere else and stop hurting civilization. Giuliani would of kicked them out - the tenants probably have kids who commit crimes.

Anonymous said...

Looks like teh landlords have a website: