Friday, July 07, 2006

Weekend with the Gowanus Canal’s Empty Vessel

The Empty Vessel is a refurbished World War II Navy Rescue boat that's lodged on the Gowanus Canal. As Chris Leo, who runs their Monday night reading series, explained to the Brooklyn Record, "It was a WWII cruiser, then a ferry in the Bronx, then a house boat. It was dredged from the bottom of a marina in the Bronx and tugged down here." The plans are to turn the Empty Vessel into an Action, Art and Design Center where they’ll host work parties, movie nights, seminars, concerts, dinners, and workshops. This weekend is their 1st anniversary and they've having a movie night & anniversary party. Next weekend is a clean-up work day, followed by barbeque and bands. If you haven't made it down there yet, now's the time to do it.

::: Movie Night Friday ::: Friday July 7, 8pm, $3-10 donation :::
Lay Down Tracks
(Danielle Lombardi) 16mm experimental documentary following the travels of a retired carnival worker, girl- trucker, railroad executive, chimney sweep/surfer, and a nun/riverboat pilot.
Magnolia Electric Co. world premier (Todd Chandler) Band tours the small towns and cities of the Canadian great plains. The quiet, elusive and lonely side of the rock n'roll dream: the mundane and the beautiful, the rest stops, the phone calls home, the hotel rooms, and the in-between moments.

::: Empty Vessel’s First Birthday Party ::: Saturday July 8, 10pm, $5, cash bar :::
Come celebrate a year of rockin on the water with the EV Crew, Shellshag, DJ Dirty Fingers and G. Lucas Crane vs. Non-Horse spinning YOUR mix tapes into a dance frenzy. Don't let the lady down. Come check out how far we've come and how far we have left to go, drink our cheap beer, do your best pirate growl and dance until the boat sways.

::: Work Day ::: Sunday, July 12 :::
::: 1-6p work day, 6p barbecue, 7p music; $free BBQ 6pm, BYOdogandpony Music 7pm, free, cash bar :::
Tin, tin, tin, tin; tin, tin, tin, tin. oh-tinnety tin, wonderful tin. A work day on a World War II Navy Boat followed by music in the magic hour with Mouth of Leaves and the Daughters Humans. Come help put up tin on EV's ceiling or get the roof prepped for a deck. A satisfying
afternoon's work ends with a barbecue and a rock show. The magic hour is when EV simply glows. Beer's on us if you came for the work day.

The Empty Vessel is at 1st Street and Bond at the Gowanus Canal, Brooklyn
F,G trains to Carroll Street station

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