Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Finally, Goodbye to Zimbabwe's Mugabe?

Results of Saturday's presidential election in Zimbabwe are still undisclosed. However, it appears possible that the 28-year reign of President Mugabe, a former independence hero who has since thoroughly destroyed his nation's economy, may finally be over. But, a new leader is in no way a foregone conclusion. It's widely believed that he rigged the election results in the last presidential election, and many fear he will find a way to do the same this year.

Martin Weaver at the UK's Guardian Unlimited has been live-blogging the developing situation over the last few days. He posts this very funny spoof call to the Zimbabwean embassy:

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Sonja Shield said...

Trackback: Martin Weaver's 4/3/08 Guardian UK post. Thanks for the bloglink, Martin.

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