Sunday, June 24, 2007

NYC Dyke March

My favorite photo from yesterday's Dyke March shows two spectacularly turned out groups - New York's own Vixxxens, in the pink sequins, and a hotter version of the Village People that I happened to run across last year as well.
More photos here.


Eileen said...

Without the knowledge of the organizers, the police department has secretly granted a parade permit to the Dyke March. I’ve written about it on the I-Witness Video blog at

Your pictures of the Dyke March are great.

Would it be possible to get your permission to use your photo of the Dyke March marshal in the yellow t-shirt printed with “Unsponsored” “Unpermitted” to use on our website?

Sonja Shield said...

Eileen, thanks for the info - that is very surprising. Let's talk off-line about photo permissions. Email me at sonjashield[at]gmail.

Anonymous said...

w w w . d i e h i p s t e r . c o m