Monday, October 16, 2006

Part II: Halleck Street Ikea

On a recent trip to the planned Ikea site in Red Hook, I checked in on the former truck loading zone next to where the graving dock used to be. Although the graving dock was destroyed by Ikea in the last month or so, the truck loading zone next door still remains and is virtually unchanged. I believe Ikea plans to turn this area into a parking lot, and I imagine they'll leave it for a while longer while they're building the store. Soon enough, though, another of the few wild and forgotten places hidden in the city will be gone.

inside, graffiti on the concrete walls

jury-rigged fencing

"Do not pick up / girls in this / area thay got / aids"

where truck used to exit the loading zone, viewed from Hallack Street

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I wish you wouldn't post those. the last time they did, the holes in the fencs were covered up and we could not get in as easy. YOU are not the only one to enjoy this lot and now you have gone and ruined it for everyone else again. Bloggers are only out for themsleves, it seems.

Please be more responsible in the future. Remember what happened to the Batcave on the Gowanus last week after it was blogged it's getting boarded up. thanks to some blogger's egotrip.